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Auto Detailing Service:
Where are you located?

Downtown Tigard off of SW Burnham street. 

Address: 9117 SW Burnham St. Tigard Oregon, 97223

Do you offer same-day detail service? 

We are by appointment only, if there is a cancellation we would be more than happy to take you. 

Do you offer Engine Bay detailing?

Yes, we offer engine bay detailing; it is only offered when doing a full detail or exterior detail package. 

Do you restore headlights?

Yes, if you ask for the specific service it costs $100.

Can you restore paint and/or paint damage?

It must be assessed in person.

Do you offer wax, polish, or buffing as a service?


How long does the detail take?

Anywhere from 3 to 24 hours depending on the service and the complexity of the job. 

May I drop off my car the day before my scheduled appointment?


Do you provide a form of transportation?

Yes, Uber or Lyft upon request when you purchase a full detail service or higher 

What is the difference between our Professional detailing services and a $200.00 detail other shops offer?

Our experience, our attention to detail, our extraordinary customer service, and state-of-the-art chemicals. 

My vehicle is new. Does it need to be detailed?

In some cases yes if you want fabric protection or paint protection. In that case, we offer ceramic coating. 

Express service v.s Full Service?

We don’t do express service. 

Product & Chemical:
What does “deodorizer” do? 

It neutralizes the odors in your vehicle. 

What is a clay bar?

It is a paint decontaminator we use before polishing. 

What is Tire Dressing and Interior Conditioning?

It is what rejuvenates your tires and interior.

Scheduling & Payment:
How can I schedule an appointment?

Call us directly to set up an appointment or shoot us a text!

Is payment necessary before service? If so, why?

No, you pay once the service is complete. 

Is there an extra charge for SUVs, Vans, Exotic and Classic cars? 

Yes, SUVs range between $550-$650. Exotic and Classic cars are based on paint and interior condition evaluation. 

Gift certificates?

You betcha 

What should I do to prepare my vehicle before I bring it in for service?

We ask that you remove personal items.

Day of Appointment

Do I have to be present for the details? 

No, but we do have a waiting room. 

Will the detailer need anything from me?


General Auto Detailing

What is the price range for a detail?

A full detail ranges between $35-$650 depending on the service and size of the vehicle. 

How often should I wash/detail my vehicle?  

Twice a year, the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter. 

How often do I need to polish/wax my vehicle?

Twice a year

What is the difference between hard and soft paint?

The density of the clear coats each car manufacturer puts on the vehicles.

Our vehicle has never been professionally detailed and we are selling it. Can you make it look new again?

Yes. We also offer the ready-to-sell package which includes pictures for you to use in the process of selling your vehicle. 

Why should I have my engine compartment and door jambs cleaned?

Because it holds contaminants that eat through the paint. 

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